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Teaching at TU Darmstadt


We are happy to welcome in our lab Bachelor and Master students interested on the topics of DNA replication, DNA modification and/or DNA repair from our research work.

We offer a bunch of different classical and novel techniques including: mammalian cell culture, (stem) cell differentiation, colony formation assays, generation of genomically engineered cell lines, siRNA knockdown experiments, in situ immunostaining, single-cell electrophoresis, immuno-blots, western-blot, next-generation sequencing, nuclei isolation, protein (co)purification, in vitro phase separation, mass spectrometry and different microscopy techniques such as live-cell, super-resolution or single-molecule fluorescent microscopy.

If you want further information for a specific topic, contact or visit us.

We are involved in the teaching of Bachelor and Master Biology, Bachelor and Master Biomolecular Engineering and Educational Biology students.

For full module descriptions and names please click on the flags (german or english).

Updated information can always be found in the TUCaN or Moodle system.

Bachelor Modules:


Cell Biology


Team &




Methods in
Mol Cell Biol





Master Modules:




Cell Biology
& Epigenetics



Adv Fluorescence

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Cardoso Lab  •  Technische Universität Darmstadt  •  Germany


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